goals for the day:

1. continue cooking out of smitten kitchen cookbook. 
thus far i’ve made:
grapefruit olive oil pound cake 
vinegar slaw with cucumbers & dill
today is: mushroom bourguignon (bring it on)
2. fix my iphone/find my other camera (miss posting pictures)
3. major straighten up house
4. pull myself together (hair & manicure)
5. juice fast for the day
6. finally get around to weeding the garden
7. sort through closet

i am feeling ambitious & fearless today. also, miley cyrus’s we can’t stop will probably keep fueling my day. no shame in my game. 😉 sending you lots of love & energy, xn



i miss writing. expressing. being one with the written word.
i want to get a certain ball rolling. something to do with dream chasing, writing, cooking, and channeling my femininity and optimism somewhere.
can i call this place my home?
i will certainly try as my thoughts need a place to escape to from time to time.

x n