summer bucket list 2013


How did we get to July already? Summer seems halfway over & yet there is a lot of warm weather adventure left in this soul of mine. Here’s a list concocted & inspired by my darling friend, The Upmarket‘s Fiona.

1. Read 5 interesting books
2. Go skinny dipping
3. May Cause Miracles 40 day journaling challenge
4. Juice fast once a week.
5. Throw an “under 200” celebration
6. Open call @ Ford
7. Open call @ Factor
8. Start blogging more consistently
9. Send out inspirational postcards
10. Visit Heather
11. Reconnect with friends (at least once a week)
12. Tone muscles (get stronger)
13. Bristol Renaissance Fair
14. Visit a winery
15. See a live band
16. Explore 2-3 new cities with B
17. Reorganize room
18. Find daily “me” time
19. Thank the good Lord!
20. Become a domestic goddess

Xo N



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