August challenge!


So I think it may be a Pisces thing, or a March 9th thing, but this girl loves extremes. I know, I know save the drama for your mama… and moderation has been thrown completely out the window in some senses, but there’s something exciting about doing something 100% and not turning back. I haven’t done a month long challenge in a while, and despite it being August 2nd already, it doesn’t mean there isn’t 30 days in this month still! After all, we got til August 31st this time around.
Here are some ideas of friends that I have come across (that may infact inspire you as well):

1. go green for the month (no car)
2. no shopping for a year (we got to start small on this one… maybe 1 week at a time, or 1 month at a time if you’re anything like me)
3. drink more water daily – X oz.
4. write more words (20k for a certain lovely friend)

I was very excited to sift through my facebook newsfeed to see all these exciting things people are doing. As for me, today beginning at 10 am, i will try my hardest to stick to a 100% raw diet, and stay off the interwebs as much as possible. People are out there accomplishing things, finding themselves, and guess what? They’re probably not spending hours upon hours looking @ facebook from their iphone.

Time to juice a massive watermelon:))

Xo N


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