Change, mistakes & moving forward.


So I think like 1-2 posts that I loved accidentally got deleted. I just want to clarify with myself & anyone else reading this that I am not perfect. I stray from my initial goals and challenges sometimes, but the most important part for me is to keep going, to persevere, to establish better habits.
Yesterday I had a bit of a cheat day, that is if you think 3 corn dogs & an ice cream cone “a little bit” of a cheat day. It was a bit of a disaster but I got it out of my system & now I can continue onward. Besides healthy eating I need to get this body moving again. What exercises do you do & consider fun? This summer I’ve been “swimming” and walking some, but as they say abs are really made in the kitchen & I can definitely attest to that statement. That’s more or less how I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs now. I used to be big into running, doing cross country for 7 years but I kinda fell out of all healthy practices during my intense college studies. Now that that’s done I want to refocus on myself & focus on the new changes, like the quote above mentions. That’s all for now. Two more shifts until I have a beautiful weekend w my family & love.

Xo N


2 thoughts on “Change, mistakes & moving forward.

  1. I personally hate running, I just can’t exercise without an objective- the most fun exercising is with friends, like tennis, soccer, throwing frisbees, that kinda stuff. Good luck Nathalia, keep at it đŸ™‚

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