The next chapter


First off, I have lost 30 lbs! I know what your thinking.. Scales can’t measure kindness, how clean your car is, or even cellulite between your thighs, but this is steps in the right direction people! I have gone down significantly in BMI from a starting point of 31.9 (obese) to 27.8 (now just “overweight”). Weight wise I am half way to my goal weight which has been determined by being in the “normal” BMI section for being 5’11.

If I can give anyone advice it is to truly start eating better. 90% of this weight loss is due to a mound of raw fruits & vegetables, Ezekiel bread, nuts, the occasional bit of lean meat.. Love yourself enough to make these things start tasting good. They make a world of a difference to one’s appearance & overall feeling. Cravings for chocolate have completely diminished aside from the occasional ice cream replaced with a strong love for garlic.

The struggle is real but it is so worth it. This is no thinspo blog. This is real life and I want to continue to improve the quality of my life.

For me, cleaning up my diet is seriously easier than “working out.” I walk a lot, floated around in a pool a bunch this summer. However, I want to learn to love fitness again. Some loves need to be reignited and this one is it. With a combination of healthy eating & movement.. I am determined to be at my goal of 170 by the end of the year, December 31st.

Feel free to share your journey with me, as I continue to share mine.
Lots of love
xoxox N


Uncertainty at its finest


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Lately I have been restless.
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this feeling stems from, but I have a pretty good idea. It’s the seasonal transition. Out with the carefree, breezy summer, in with autumn – beautiful and academic. It brings in a sense of knowing what you want and getting it. For some of you, this is running to your local Starbucks and getting your pumpkin spice latte. I get it.
For others, this aforementioned sense leaves you puzzled and frowning. What am I doing? Where am I going? Will I ever get there? What if I make a mistake? I get it. For the first time I am out of college and I have no idea what I’m doing and it is both exciting and scary, empowering and belittling. The world in my hands, but where does one begin? Despite the existential dilemma I have been trying to find daily reminders of peace and reminding myself to be gentle with myself. Things of this proportion do not need to be figured out immediately, but rather will reveal themselves in time.

Natalia X