Uncertainty at its finest


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Lately I have been restless.
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this feeling stems from, but I have a pretty good idea. It’s the seasonal transition. Out with the carefree, breezy summer, in with autumn – beautiful and academic. It brings in a sense of knowing what you want and getting it. For some of you, this is running to your local Starbucks and getting your pumpkin spice latte. I get it.
For others, this aforementioned sense leaves you puzzled and frowning. What am I doing? Where am I going? Will I ever get there? What if I make a mistake? I get it. For the first time I am out of college and I have no idea what I’m doing and it is both exciting and scary, empowering and belittling. The world in my hands, but where does one begin? Despite the existential dilemma I have been trying to find daily reminders of peace and reminding myself to be gentle with myself. Things of this proportion do not need to be figured out immediately, but rather will reveal themselves in time.

Natalia X


Don’t sweat the small stuff


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Often I must remind myself “Natalia, do not sweat the small stuff.” Being very sensitive, I have easily been guilted, upset, and sometimes even taken advantage of.. But this is no more. I must learn to stand up for myself. I must learn to seek criticism and not fear it, like I often am guilty of doing. If I stop taking everything so personally, I may realize that certain comments can actually be used to propel us in a better direction. From day to day, I chose to release the worry from my heart and give it up to God; one bit at a time. I truly believe that I will be guided to the path I am meant to be on. I choose to trust and let go, even in the uncertainty.. Xo N





I had a lovely day. It’s not often I eat bacon & have two dive lessons in one day. I will learn to go head first eventually, especially as this applies to so many more aspects of my life. Better late than never, right? Feeling grateful for being showered with love, even when I turn into world’s greatest drama mama… Sending you lots of love & light. Xo N

goals for the day:

1. continue cooking out of smitten kitchen cookbook. 
thus far i’ve made:
grapefruit olive oil pound cake 
vinegar slaw with cucumbers & dill
today is: mushroom bourguignon (bring it on)
2. fix my iphone/find my other camera (miss posting pictures)
3. major straighten up house
4. pull myself together (hair & manicure)
5. juice fast for the day
6. finally get around to weeding the garden
7. sort through closet

i am feeling ambitious & fearless today. also, miley cyrus’s we can’t stop will probably keep fueling my day. no shame in my game. 😉 sending you lots of love & energy, xn


i miss writing. expressing. being one with the written word.
i want to get a certain ball rolling. something to do with dream chasing, writing, cooking, and channeling my femininity and optimism somewhere.
can i call this place my home?
i will certainly try as my thoughts need a place to escape to from time to time.

x n

the beginning

It’s time. When you know you got what it takes, go do it.
This is where this blog unfolds.
My life, dreams, wishes, thoughts.

Earlier this yr I posted on fb a kind of 2013 bucket list of sorts.
I figured it would be a fantastic jumping off point for this baby.

In 2013: I want to travel, model, inspire, learn a fourth language, reach out to others, organize, make my room my sanctuary, practice violin, drink so many vegetables, read more, and re-teach myself how to run/do fitness.

Here’s to the beginning of my journey to fabulous.

Xo N