The next chapter


First off, I have lost 30 lbs! I know what your thinking.. Scales can’t measure kindness, how clean your car is, or even cellulite between your thighs, but this is steps in the right direction people! I have gone down significantly in BMI from a starting point of 31.9 (obese) to 27.8 (now just “overweight”). Weight wise I am half way to my goal weight which has been determined by being in the “normal” BMI section for being 5’11.

If I can give anyone advice it is to truly start eating better. 90% of this weight loss is due to a mound of raw fruits & vegetables, Ezekiel bread, nuts, the occasional bit of lean meat.. Love yourself enough to make these things start tasting good. They make a world of a difference to one’s appearance & overall feeling. Cravings for chocolate have completely diminished aside from the occasional ice cream replaced with a strong love for garlic.

The struggle is real but it is so worth it. This is no thinspo blog. This is real life and I want to continue to improve the quality of my life.

For me, cleaning up my diet is seriously easier than “working out.” I walk a lot, floated around in a pool a bunch this summer. However, I want to learn to love fitness again. Some loves need to be reignited and this one is it. With a combination of healthy eating & movement.. I am determined to be at my goal of 170 by the end of the year, December 31st.

Feel free to share your journey with me, as I continue to share mine.
Lots of love
xoxox N


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