We are approaching the 200 mark quickly! Yesterday I spent the whole day with children at a water park, and despite the whole day without food, I was able to sustain myself until arriving home. I am slowly transitioning in a few cooked things however, including quinoa & hummus from time to time. I need more ways to sneak in vegetables and that may be two excellent ways. I think next week (starting Friday) I will do one cooked meal and the rest raw perhaps roasted veggies of sorts. Found this way interesting Facebook group a while back called “raw til 4” I may try to adapt some of their beliefs here just bc after all is said and done i do love cooking. Progress picture up soon. Xoxo N


Day 1 recap

Bc I said I’d be totally real today I:
– drank a ton of watermelon mint juice
– ate an avocado+siracha+pepitas
– raspberries
And then!!! Went to a party & ate a few handfuls of salt+pepper kettle chips & 3 starburst candies, 2 marshmallows & a Hershey’s chocolate bar ( really need to figure out eating when I’m out) oh well, more good than bad today so I am happy. I will figure it out one step at a time… Xo N

August challenge!


So I think it may be a Pisces thing, or a March 9th thing, but this girl loves extremes. I know, I know save the drama for your mama… and moderation has been thrown completely out the window in some senses, but there’s something exciting about doing something 100% and not turning back. I haven’t done a month long challenge in a while, and despite it being August 2nd already, it doesn’t mean there isn’t 30 days in this month still! After all, we got til August 31st this time around.
Here are some ideas of friends that I have come across (that may infact inspire you as well):

1. go green for the month (no car)
2. no shopping for a year (we got to start small on this one… maybe 1 week at a time, or 1 month at a time if you’re anything like me)
3. drink more water daily – X oz.
4. write more words (20k for a certain lovely friend)

I was very excited to sift through my facebook newsfeed to see all these exciting things people are doing. As for me, today beginning at 10 am, i will try my hardest to stick to a 100% raw diet, and stay off the interwebs as much as possible. People are out there accomplishing things, finding themselves, and guess what? They’re probably not spending hours upon hours looking @ facebook from their iphone.

Time to juice a massive watermelon:))

Xo N

Individual Peach Crumble


I’m sorry for making you cry. Can I make it up to you with a boatload of delicious & a kiss? I will certainly try.

I will sneak in health because that’s my favourite kind of secret.

I love you. I’m sorry. Here’s a peach for my peach. I promise I didn’t stuff kale inside this time.

Individual Peach Crumble
adapted from: joy the baker

3 peaches, slice in half & remove the pit along with a little bit of fruit to make room for topping
topping: (in a bowl mix:)
– 1 T. shredded coconut
– 1/4 c. flour
– 1/4 c. little brown sugar
– 1/4 t. cinnamon
– 1 T. golden flax seed
– 3 T. oats
– 1 T. chopped almonds

To the bowl: crumble in 2 T. of butter. Use your hands, need not be perfect.

Arrange your 6 peach halves in an oven friendly dish and evenly top all of them with the crumble topping. Use all of it.

Place in an oven @ 350 for about 15-20 or until topping becomes golden brown & your home smells divine.

Delicious warm or cold. Serve with ice cream, milk or whatever floats your boat. I dressed mine up with plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, more golden flax & blueberries for breakfast.


Xo N





I had a lovely day. It’s not often I eat bacon & have two dive lessons in one day. I will learn to go head first eventually, especially as this applies to so many more aspects of my life. Better late than never, right? Feeling grateful for being showered with love, even when I turn into world’s greatest drama mama… Sending you lots of love & light. Xo N

summer bucket list 2013


How did we get to July already? Summer seems halfway over & yet there is a lot of warm weather adventure left in this soul of mine. Here’s a list concocted & inspired by my darling friend, The Upmarket‘s Fiona.

1. Read 5 interesting books
2. Go skinny dipping
3. May Cause Miracles 40 day journaling challenge
4. Juice fast once a week.
5. Throw an “under 200” celebration
6. Open call @ Ford
7. Open call @ Factor
8. Start blogging more consistently
9. Send out inspirational postcards
10. Visit Heather
11. Reconnect with friends (at least once a week)
12. Tone muscles (get stronger)
13. Bristol Renaissance Fair
14. Visit a winery
15. See a live band
16. Explore 2-3 new cities with B
17. Reorganize room
18. Find daily “me” time
19. Thank the good Lord!
20. Become a domestic goddess

Xo N


goals for the day:

1. continue cooking out of smitten kitchen cookbook. 
thus far i’ve made:
grapefruit olive oil pound cake 
vinegar slaw with cucumbers & dill
today is: mushroom bourguignon (bring it on)
2. fix my iphone/find my other camera (miss posting pictures)
3. major straighten up house
4. pull myself together (hair & manicure)
5. juice fast for the day
6. finally get around to weeding the garden
7. sort through closet

i am feeling ambitious & fearless today. also, miley cyrus’s we can’t stop will probably keep fueling my day. no shame in my game. 😉 sending you lots of love & energy, xn